Website personalization and real-time lead scoring.

Make your


smarter tells you how likely your website visitors are to convert in real time
so you can engage them better and smarter.

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Frida's Lead Score is a ranking from 1 to 10 of how likely you are to achieve the goals that you want. As your users interact with your website the Lead Score might change.

And you can program Frida to target users and engage them based on the Lead Score (and other information like geography, time of the day and browser type).

The number inside the white circle in the top right corner is your current Lead Score. It tells us how likely you are to complete the "Get Started" form below. Since Frida is still learning on this page for now you will see a spinner.


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How Works

1- Install

Frida can easily be installed on any website using one line of code or using your favorite tag manager.

2- Tracks

When visitors land on your site, within milliseconds, Frida creates a Virtual User Profile of your visitors based on different signals and assigns them a Lead Score.

3- You Target

Use Frida's Lead Score and Virtual User Profile to personalize your website with your favorite engagement tools, like chat, exit popups and e-mail capture.


Turn More Shoppers into Buyers

With you can engage your customers while they are on your website. Because later is not enough. Later means your customer will leave your store, compare your products and probably end up buying at Amazon or Walmart.

Understand and Engage your customers

Frida uses AI to create virtual profiles of your website's visitors and assign them a Lead Score of how likely they are to take the actions you want on your website or e-commerce store. Frida's Lead Score goes beyond the customer story and gives a simple metric that you can use immediately to drive results.

Smart personalizations

Create clean and effective websites with engagement tools that actually mean something to your customers. Avoid websites cluttered with unsynchronized widgets that end up being annoying and counter productive.

Ready to Increase your Website Conversions?

Right now we are using Frida on this website. We want you to fill up the "Sign Up for Beta" form below. The score you see in the yellow box at the top of the page tells you the Lead Score Frida is assigning based on your interaction with this page (and other secret elements). If your reach the highest score we told Frida (by filling up the "Sign Up for Beta" form) Frida will show you a trigger a secret action will programmed her to do.