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Turn More Website Browsers into Buyers

98% of your website visitors leave without buying anything. helps turn more of your existing website visitors into buyers by using AI to continuously optimize your website.

How Frida Works

Frida can easily be installed on any website using one line of code or using your favorite tag manager.
When visitors land on your site, they're randomly placed in either a Frida group or a non Frida control group.
Within milliseconds, Frida creates a profile of your visitors based on signals such as
Mouse Movement
and More

Based on this profile, Frida shows the right optimization to the right person, at the right time, in order to get buyers on the path to conversion – resulting in an increase in sales.

Frida is for online stores that want to get more sales out of their existing web traffic.


What Can Frida Help You Achieve?

Increase Sales

Frida can help increase your website sales from direct traffic, organic traffic, ad campaigns, affiliate sales and more.

Save Time

Save time on research and development with Frida’s proven website optimizations.

Save Money

By getting more sales from your existing marketing campaigns without spending more money on ads.

Want to turn more website browsers into buyers? 

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