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Throughout this essay, I want to explain the variety of different spaces that work with Frida. Keep in mind, this is an intern’s perspective. Meaning, this is from my youthful, rather technology-inclined point of view. Frida is an overall expansive software, with the power to improve website optimization for many personal interests.

Web Optimization is a powerful tool towards any merchant. According to , “a good conversion rate drives sales, increases your website traffic, and enables you to reach your target market, faster.” But the most efficient part of’s pull, is it’s efficient work, all done by Artificial Intelligence. 

Though this system, it’s able to track consumers through several detailed characteristics; from mouse tracking to point clicking. Using Artificial Intelligence/Automation by Frida, showcases more specifics rather than a singular “expert” depicting your page.

With the information you receive from Frida, you then can customize how your platform will be optimized, on your own. 

Such a practice can bring the developer to think for themselves. Frida does not dictate which features or products to specialize over the other; it brings the data analysis for your to decide. 

In 2019, the online marketplace is slowly becoming the SOLE marketplace. Frida can benefit  many different merchants across platforms.

Throughout the past months, many online industries have been showing their unique strength. Very visibly, are industries revolved around cruelty-free, and vegan lifestyles. Shown through the past 12 months, many feel comfortable revolving themselves around practical and environmentally conscious organizations; this branches off into dietary, beauty, and self care products. Another revolutionary industry, is internationally imported selections, accessible online. People now have greater access to ethically inclined, and special goods/products; originally more difficult to access. 

Among others, these are thriving industries that have stood out in my personal interests: 

  • Vinyl
  • Gaming
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Deodorant/Beauty
  • Finance
  • Software
  • Diets   

How can Frida help merchants such as this?

By reeling in the correct demographics. It’s brilliant that our devices track our interests through web history, yet just because someone has visited your page, doesn’t incline that the consumer is interested. To track where this consumer goes, locate where on the site they’re interested, and working off that data IS the most desirable method. 

Luckily, has created an accessible software to track all of those features; with multiple features along side it, all to boost your visibility online.

In 2019, Personalization is far more valuable than generalization. With several merchants to choose from, getting the word out to selective customers has proven to be an intricate process. See the new approach by yourself.

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