Incoming: Version 2 of

“How likely can your platform achieve a set goal?”

Version 2 of Frida will be heavily improving on this front.

Frida is artificial intelligence that is constantly updating for it’s efficiency, simplicity, and options to bring the user. On Version 2, not only have we eliminated any bugs, or short-comings of the previous version; but also provided an even more inclusive software to help track your platform.

Frida will prove to be even more helpful in managing the merchant-related goals of your platform; specifically, the modifications on Version 2 will be bring in an updated Lead Score

Frida tracks the data for any page of your platform; showcasing the data between each page to bring you results on which parts of the site attract the most, and then using boosters powered by Frida onto the page, to optimize the website and attract the most proper clients.

On Version 1, Frida tracked website visitors on every page, and attached boosters onto the most popular pages to attract even more users. However, when using, we want to emphasize the importance of freedom, and how no expert, nor software, can understand the specific website traffic and clientele as much as it’s creator. 

On Version 2, Frida will bring in a more polished Lead Score, targeting on just how likely a user or future user will achieve the specific goal that your platform sets.

For instance, if your main focus is centered around a page circulating towards a new product that just launched, Frida will calculate the data, and how likely of a turnout you will receive if you were to attach a booster onto it. If focusing on the checkout page, Frida will calculate the probability of potential users that will go to the checkout page; and current ones that have accessed it.

Using these results, Frida will provide the options on how your platform can perform, and using your insight on the specific products/content of the site, you can control how boosters will effect the experience for the users. 

Version 2 of will bring on a faster, and more involved/personalized experience of bringing in the right consumers for your platform.

Bring Version 2 of onto your platform, and use expert optimization as a tool for your own use.

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